Increase Personal Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence in 10 Ways

Artificial Intelligence

With the evolution of Chat GPT, AI-Powered photo, video and voice generators and so on, it is high time to figure out how to use artificial intelligence efficiently to increase personal efficiency and adapt to the new trend of modernization. Increasing one’s productivity in today’s information era requires mastering the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). … Read more

The 11 Key Skills for Pursuing an Exclusive Career in 2024

key skills

Read on to learn about the 10 essential job skills for professional success in today’s workplaces. Certain abilities are useful in almost every field of employment. Both industry-specific and more generalized knowledge and key skills are acceptable here. These abilities may be honed with the help of classroom instruction, internet tutorials, and regular practice. What … Read more

The Art of Writing a Research Proposal in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

writing research proposal

Writing a research proposal is an important step in the research process. It is a written document outlining the research to be conducted, the methodology used, and the expected results. It is also an opportunity for researchers to demonstrate their skills and experience. As such, it is vital to write a compelling research proposal that … Read more

10 Best High-Income Skills for 2023


Every profession demands a mix of technical and workplace abilities also known as high-income skills, and chances are you already have an exceptional skill set from your training or prior employment. That’s why you must know the 10 best high-income skills for 2023 to have a standard living and career choice. Employers frequently place a … Read more

10 Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Dhaka for 2023

10 Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Dhaka for 2023

Many students come to Dhaka for higher study and search for a career to establish a settled life. They look for a per time job or work to bear the cost of living, education, and family. Most of the students from public universities come from rural areas with less ability and low-income families. Many settle … Read more

Sample Cover Letters for HR Positions & Manager

Sample Cover Letters for HR Positions & Manager

HR Positions and Managerial Positions are key roles in any company. They play an important part in the selection process for many jobs and can provide a wealth of opportunities for advancement. And also manage human resources and other things, so they are really important. If you want to get any job for HR Manager … Read more

Get Everything You Want From Education System

Get Everything You Want From Education System

The education system officially became popular as a proven and effective learning and skill development process. In every country of the world, education as a human learning and living system has been used for raising the highest human potential. In the past, it was just a 1-to-1 process where a single teacher educated a single … Read more

Amazon Company Profile – World’s No 1 Retailing Company

amazon company profile

Company Name Inc (Amazon) Company Details & Summary, Inc. (Amazon) operates as both a retailer and a web host. Products offered by the business include garments, automobile and industrial supplies, cosmetics and health aids, consumer electronics, food, games, jewellery, infant and youth things, motion pictures and music, sports equipment and toys. It also … Read more

Google Company Profile – The No 1 Influencing Company in the World

Google Company Profile

Company Name Alphabet Inc (Google) Company Details & Summary Alphabet Inc. is a global technology business with headquarters in Mountain View, California. On October 2, 2015, it was formed due to a Google reorganization and evolved into the parent company of Google and numerous previous Google subsidiaries. It provides a diverse set of goods and … Read more

7 Multi-Career Opportunities in Bangladesh

multi-career opportunities

With the massive developments and economic conditions, many multi-career opportunities are arising in Bangladesh. Though many people’s belief systems are still blocking government jobs and their benefits rather than corporate jobs and business, with the technological and information revolution, many are taking opportunities. For recent social conditions and the educational system, many people are staying … Read more