Job Circular For The Financial Manager (1) In Practical Action- Apply Now

job circular

It is a very good chance in the form of a job circular for the financial manager profession. International Development Organization has released the Practical Action Manpower Recruitment Notification. The company will hire staff for the position of finance manager in Bangladesh. Interested candidates should apply online. It is a very good chance in the … Read more

10 Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Dhaka for 2023

10 Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Dhaka for 2023

Many students come to Dhaka for higher study and search for a career to establish a settled life. They look for a per time job or work to bear the cost of living, education, and family. Most of the students from public universities come from rural areas with less ability and low-income families. Many settle … Read more

7 Multi-Career Opportunities in Bangladesh

multi-career opportunities

With the massive developments and economic conditions, many multi-career opportunities are arising in Bangladesh. Though many people’s belief systems are still blocking government jobs and their benefits rather than corporate jobs and business, with the technological and information revolution, many are taking opportunities. For recent social conditions and the educational system, many people are staying … Read more

How to Chose A Successful Career Choice in the 21st Century

Career choice

Career Parts is about the whole system and process of building, maintaining and supporting an individual career. Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their career, especially they want to know how to get a job, how to start a business, what one should do for higher study and how to build a successful career. Building a … Read more

7 Career Opportunities in Bangladesh in the Next 10 Years

career opportunity

With the recent infrastructure and economic development, there are a lot of career opportunities in Bangladesh within 10 years. With the enhanced employment scope by infrastructure development, there are many companies worldwide interested in investing in economic sectors and developing industrialisation which can create a lot of career opportunities. 1. Industrial Jobs Bangladesh is entering … Read more

The Current Situation of E-Commerce in Bangladesh

The current situation of e-commerce in bangladesh

E-commerce is a major contributor to the economy in Bangladesh. It is the fastest growing industry in the country and contributes about 2% of GDP. Online shopping has been on a rise throughout the country and has been embraced by both consumers and entrepreneurs alike. However, the current situation of e-commerce in Bangladesh is facing … Read more