7 Career Opportunities in Bangladesh in the Next 10 Years

With the recent infrastructure and economic development, there are a lot of career opportunities in Bangladesh within 10 years. With the enhanced employment scope by infrastructure development, there are many companies worldwide interested in investing in economic sectors and developing industrialisation which can create a lot of career opportunities.

1. Industrial Jobs

industrial jobs

Bangladesh is entering its own industrial age with the development of the industrial areas in 64 districts and special zones with a lot of advantages. Many local and foreign industries will participate in this competition to grab the advantages given by the government and operate industries. This alone will create a lot of career opportunities starting from line workers to higher managerial roles. Soon the universities and colleges will collaborate with the industries to provide skilled human resources which can be a great career opportunity in the near future.

2. Jobs in Tech Giants

tech giants

Bangladesh is developing in this information age where technology with trends is booming all over the world. That’s why the industrial revolution is different from the 1800s industry revolution of Europe’s. This modern revolution includes technology which is making the revolution more effective and productive. Soon many tech giants will open their branches in the industrial zones and many domestic companies will also operate by collaborating with them. So everyone will take advantage of such an opportunity and the job market in technology companies will be a great source of smart career building. This career opportunity will expand its territory within domestic and foreign companies to all over the country keeping its quality and high employability. It will be soon one of the best career opportunities in Bangladesh in the next 10 years.

3. Jobs in Massive Projects

career opportunities in bangladesh

Massive mega projects are running in the country which is transforming the country rapidly. Now in the stage of infrastructure development, many projects are going on in the country which require a massive amount of skilled human resources. Ultimately the government can not always afford foreign manpower. So many government and non-government organizations are trying to train skilled workers and supply them for specialized projects. Different universities and training centres will run their specialized programs like other developed countries which can create a lot of high values job opportunities and develop the country’s economy. So this can be a great career opportunity with a handsome salary and achievement by employing in massive government and other projects.

4. New Boombaring Startups


With the economic condition and inflation, a job alone is not to help to maintain the living costs of a person or a family. On the other hand, the advantage and positive side of the business and growth opportunities are attracting the young generation to start a startup business which is getting success in a short time with low competition. Many are taking this as a great career opportunity to be an entrepreneur and control their own destiny.

5. Business with Expert Companies

experts companies

With the increasing chances and opportunities of collaborating with big and popular companies, franchise and combo startups are the best career opportunity if anyone wants to be a businessman. Soon or later companies around the world will want to consider taking the advantage of using human resources and other benefits given by the government in the industrial zones.

So for expanding their business reach and upgrading their competitive position among the strong competitors, they will need the small help of a startup which they can train up and help to grow faster than a normal startup and associate with them to expand their effectiveness. So if your choice is to be a businessman, this can be a faster growth and smart option which will make you an expert to collaborate and get help from expert companies.

6. Foreign Franchise Business

franchise business

The franchise is a great business choice which can make one establish a business without risk and loss. There are many garment fashion, restaurants, super shops, e-commerce and other franchise businesses available and profitable. But with the increased benefits for businesses, foreign franchise businesses are also increasing which is making new career opportunities. It can not only create business opportunities but also can create job opportunities which can also be a smart career choice. There are a lot of product and service companies all around the world who will be happy to expand their business in Bangladesh giving a lot of offers and you can take it with good investment and plan to operate and expand throughout the country.

7. Non-Government Agencies & Companies

career opportunities

With the extra pressure and economic condition of the government, the jobs in government organizations are no longer safe and sound as well as extremely competitive. Remember, a job is only a secure option when you get it, otherwise, it’s the riskiest decision to think about a job which holds less than a 1% chance to really succeed. So there are more opportunities in non-government agencies and companies which are increasing day by day giving smart and good career opportunities. Within 10 years, there will be more agencies and companies which will need human resources for operating, so the choice to build a career in this sector can be a smart and risk-free option for anyone who knows what benefits they can get from it.

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