About Us

Career Parts is intended to be a global information & educational brand to develop education and career opportunities and enrich the economy by making a competent & skilful community.

Starting as a blog and community, we are research-based content creators, concerned about the quality and reach of education and a world with overflowing career options where skilful manpower can make a difference in the global economy.

Also, the dynamic nature of the development of society and education’s impact on them has triggered confusion about vast information alignment and raised the question of what to do next.

Career Parts is the platform that wants to create a skilful career-conscious community not only in Bangladesh but also all around the world. We also want to simplify the education and learning system integrated with the careers and values of the nations to get the best out of human potential and use it to make the world a better place.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a research and knowledge-based community who are intelligent and skilful towards their career and life. We are focused on increasing the employment rate and contributing not only locally but also to the global economy. In that regard, we will provide the researched and dynamic information, and update resources, strategies, digital assets & products. 

Our notable visionary objectives are:

Our Mission

Our mission is to go forward with the pace of modern evolution in the world as a group and as a whole community. We will use all the physical and digital resources, technology, tools and knowledge to face the hardest challenges to examine our human potential at its best. With that regard, we are committed to the following:


Our main features & sub features include the:

  • Education
    • Higher Study/ Scholarship
    • Skill Development
    • Research & Development
  • Career
    • Business
    • Job
    • Applied Projects

Admins & Founders

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Samrat Khan Pervez

Founder & Admin of Careerparts

Executive Career Influencer, BBA in Management from Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Web Expert & Creator

M. Onabil Uthsob

Founder & Admin of Careerparts

Student Researcher, BBA in Management in University of Dhaka, Tech Expert & Entrepreneur

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