7 Multi-Career Opportunities in Bangladesh

With the massive developments and economic conditions, many multi-career opportunities are arising in Bangladesh. Though many people’s belief systems are still blocking government jobs and their benefits rather than corporate jobs and business, with the technological and information revolution, many are taking opportunities. For recent social conditions and the educational system, many people are staying unemployed because of the low options of their preferences, resulting in recent inflations and joblessness. It’s very obvious that if all want to join a government job, how the employment and other sources can be created?

With this realization, the young generation is learning and they know very well that if anyone does one job, any job, still they can not lead a happy life for the increasing economic problems. So only multi-career can save people from the tension of leading their life standard and maintaining it. If anyone goes out of their thinking box, they can quickly identify the growing opportunities of multi-career which can be a life saviour for everyone.

There are many career opportunities available in the modern age and half of those are created because of the modern technological evolution. There are opportunities for multiple job skills in a single company occupation as well as one type of skill used in multiple forms in different organizations. Here are 7 such examples of multi-career opportunities which are discussed briefly.

Freelancing & Digital Jobs

It’s a trending career choice with a lot of advantages and flexibility. Freelancing is equal to both business and job with extra personal advantages and features which has made this 7-figure income opportunity popular all over the world. With the help of technology trends, internet speed, easy skill development and outsourcing, many companies and organizations are hiring high skilled experts for their digital job and business. That’s where freelancing comes, with part-time and full-time opportunities. Multiple job markets are available for freelancing at home and many digital marketplaces are crowded with outsourcers and freelancers.

career opportunity

With digital technology, skills, payment method, advantages and benefits, both the digital service giver and taker take a win-win situation in the marketplaces. There are many marketplaces where people can bid for jobs, can have a full-time contract-based job, sell their digital products or services, showcase their profiles and sample and so on with a lot of opportunities. The available popular marketplaces are:

There are a lot of opportunities to use the skills or even learn and then earn from this awesome multi-career opportunity. The available posts are:

  • Graphic, website and other designs
  • Digital marketing, SEO & Content marketing
  • Content writing & translations
  • Video making, editing and animation
  • Music & Audio, Podcast Making
  • Programming, website, app and software development
  • Online business management, research and analyst
  • Lifestyle art, craft and tuition
  • Digital website, business and social media management

Business & Investment Multi-Career Opportunity

These careers are the careers of the richest and the most powerful inspirational people. Business is the oldest and still the best way of achieving financial independence and earning a lot of money. Investment is like making money with money without any direct or physical work. This multi-career opportunity starts with startup entrepreneurship, becoming a good business with company organization and finally earning more with profitable investment in real estate, stock markets, other businesses and earning opportunities.


It is doable in any situation, without any academic knowledge or certificate, but needs a lot of inner skills like dedication, aim, persistence, quick learning, good decision making, problem-solving and a lot of managing & interpersonal skills. There can be many types of businesses which can be developed and built as a great career opportunity including:

  • New idea startup enterprise or company
  • Industry-based manufacturing business
  • Retailing or commerce business
  • Physical or digital product-based business
  • Digital or technology-based business
  • Global Business
  • Franchise business
  • Network marketing business
  • Real estate or developer’s business
  • Physical & digital marketplace business
  • Service-based business
  • Stock-market investment and buying shares
  • Investment in business and projects
  • Lead-generation/ influential business

E-Business, E-commerce & Retailing

With the digital revolution and the presence of many different social media business opportunities, many e-commerce, e-business and retailing organizations have been established on a regular basis and they are successfully operating their business all over the country. With the technology and internet, a business no longer needs a physical presence to operate. They can have a website, and multiple social media pages and run their business more successfully than any other physical industry.


E-commerce is booming around the world with its successful customer satisfaction and fulfilling their demand with huge benefits for them. So doing business online, even having a job in e-commerce or business can bring a lot of money and opportunity to work just from home or anywhere. Amazon, Alibaba, Ali-Express, Daraz, E-bay, etc are popular marketplace operating their global retailing business and producing products and services to easily meet customer demand with only some clicks on their computer or smartphone.

So establishing a business online by targeting a specific customer base can really make a person rich and makes them smart by career choice. Many physical businesses have started to take the digital advantage by expanding their business in the digital world and increasing their profit and growth opportunities. For these reasons, employment requirement is also increasing and people with digital soft skills can get a smart job in these industries and business companies.

Multiple Management Expert

Management is universal and its demand exists all over the world. Whichever organization exists, business or non-profitable organization, government or non-government NGO, every organization needs managers to manage the whole thing. That’s why it is present in every college and university in the world as separate faculty and sometimes a whole institute is dedicated to the subject department. There are multiple management posts where anyone can work separately if he/she is skilful enough.


In every organization, from CEO to the supervisor level, every step of the organizational hierarchy needs skilful managers in almost all departments. The posts of any organization differ from one another but most are the same type as it’s a universal and important position which controls everything. The multi-career opportunities include:

  • Managing Director or CEO
  • Financial Manager
  • Operational Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Technical & Strategic Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Public Relationship Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Digital & Technological Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Project and Task Manager
  • Event and Organizing Manager
  • Executive Manager

The list can go further because everything in life needs good management. In the case of any business or official activities, the management post is the oldest and the most demanding post which controls the success of an organization.

Project Management & Organizer

Though management is a vast area full of career opportunities, project management and organizing along are great career opportunities for their special features and benefits. This career choice is considered as an independent profession like law attorney, doctor, engineer and chartered accountant. The project manager or organizer can work in a specific organization by the contract of a time-based or project-based salary which gives this profession independence, profitable and smart choice.

career choice

It can also collaborate with business and freelancing which can be a specialized service, consultant or employable work. Many high-skilled managers who like task or project-based different working challenges become smart project managers. There are different project management career opportunities which can be mentioned as a job or a business including:

  • Tour and travel organizing
  • Real estate and housing development
  • Government and non-government project management
  • Marriage and other event management
  • Non-profitable & charity activities management
  • Catering and service management
  • Special task management
  • Campaign and festival organizing and management
  • Digital analyst and problem-solving project management.

Textile, Garments and Fashionwear

In the perspective of Bangladesh, the clothing and RMG industry is very successful and demanding. So business and job related with these are also profitable and beneficial for all. No matter how many people start a clothing brand, if they run it successfully, it will be successful for sure. Many think the jobs in garments are hard-working, low payable and low in status. But these hold some great status and opportunities if it is seen from a different perspective.




If analyzed in Bangladesh, anyone can see Arong, Remond, Infinity, Deshi 10, Top Ten, Richman, Cats Eye, Dorjibari, Ecstacy and so on running their brand successfully. The fashion brand not only holds clothing but also footwear, leather products, accessories and many more for different kinds of customers. Doing such business, managing a showroom, operating production in a garment factory, selling and retailing on a domestic and foreign market basis, working with the commission and selling online, all are available opportunities in Bangladesh. If the multi-career opportunity in this sector is used properly, anyone can have a smart and 7-figure income based on multiple careers in their professional life.

Poultry, Dairy, Fishery & Agriculture

As an agricultural country, most of its economy and GDP are based on its agricultural sector. There are many businessmen all over the country, but a businessman in the agriculture sector silently earns more money than a medium-sized company owner by applying the multi-career opportunity in this sector. In the village area, people have a vast amount of land and ponds, where they can easily establish farms, poultry, dairy and fishery. These are traditional businesses and are still hugely profitable for anyone because the need for food, meat, fish, egg and milk will never end as long as there are people to eat.



There are also many production and service industries related to these occupations like rice mills, agricultural machines and tools, juice and milk factory, tannery and many other food industries. There are many companies in the agricultural sector that are running their brand successfully including Pran, RFL, Akiz Group, Squire Food and Beverages LTD and so on. Jobs in those companies are high-profiled and beneficial careers. Moreover, in this sector, more job and business opportunities are available in:

  • Textile Industry
  • Suger Industry
  • Tea and Coffee Industry
  • Leather Goods Industry
  • Vegetable Oil Industry


There are many industries available from domestic, foreign and multi-national companies where they are recruiting manpower giving interesting and attractive career opportunities in Bangladesh. The only choice one can make is where his passion and will belongs. According to one’s demand, skill and education, anyone can choose multi-career opportunities and lead to an advanced lifestyle with a smart professional choice.

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  1. That’s amazing topic in our future life.Many information has included that are very helpful for us..Thank you so much for such kind this information..I hope in future we found more informative article for your website.

  2. That’s amazing topic in our future life.Many information has included that are very helpful for us..Thank you so much for such kind this information..I hope in future we will find more informative article for your website.


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