10 Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Dhaka for 2023

Many students come to Dhaka for higher study and search for a career to establish a settled life. They look for a per time job or work to bear the cost of living, education, and family. Most of the students from public universities come from rural areas with less ability and low-income families. Many settle in Dhaka with a permanent job, while others use those opportunities for part-time and look for more decent jobs in renowned companies or government sectors.

Here are some trendy part-time work and part-time jobs for students which are very popular right now and the number of them is increasing rapidly. Through these works, many not only can bear their living and necessary costs but also bear their family needs and costs easily by doing so.

1. Home Tutoring & Admission Coaching

Almost all the students chose this option as their priority. 1st reason is the tuition market is always hot for educational competitiveness and the need for good results. College and University admission is a great chance run all over the year where students can earn huge amounts of money depending on their teaching skills and subject. On average, a student can earn about 10,000 or more by only tuition. They also can earn in seasonal admission teaching and earn 50,000tk or more in a session if they try well.

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Shot of a tutor working with a young student

The demand for tutors is mostly for special subjects like dance, singing, art, musical instruments, and science faculty students. However, others also can get preferred tuition-earning opportunities based on time, situation, and tutor availability.

2. Delivery Service & Ride Sharing

Many students with low-budget bikes or bicycles chose this easy method of earning. Ride-sharing and parcel delivery services gave them easy income without any kind of skill based mainly on the labour force. They earn 20,000-25,000 taka per month per time or half time this kind of job with dignity and can cover their daily expenses easily if the student has low or no skills.

jobs for students

There are many ride-sharing apps such as Pathao, Ubar, and others. In the parcel delivery service, they work under Redx, Pathao Parcel, Foodpanda, Steadfast, Daraz, and other logistic services. These offer training and necessary tools for this service and many students earn a lot by physical force.

3. Partnership Business & Entrepreneurship

This is an obvious choice for most of the students who have compassion for business and can solve problems and earn from them. Most of the students start a business with friends with new or established ideas and do business for profit.

This is the hard but rewarding work a student can do. Many students are making their brand through hard work and passion, while others do it for normal livelihood and occasionally go further and make the business grow. The partnership is chosen for more equity, less risk, and easy to manage the business and grow faster. Though many students make it their full-time profession for its features and advantages, it is still very popular among students to work as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur can easily earn nearly 20,000 – 50,000 taka in a month at the first stage and over 1 Lakh in the afterwards period.

4. General Manager of SME

Many new businesses and stalls need a manager to manage stock, shop, customers, and supply chain. With basic knowledge and little to no experience, students join these part-time jobs and can earn 10,000 – 25,000 taka per month. Some post requires experience and others need specific skills and educational status.


Students can add this kind of work to their CVs as well as find a full-time opportunity if the jobholder company is big enough to support such career wishes. The post of manager in a company or agency has a lot of opportunities. There are works of data entry, information management, stock and inventory management, task and project management, and so on.

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5. Sole proprietorship with a skill

Who doesn’t have any expertise or knowledge about a particular thing, with which a student can start his own startup business? It is a great trend at this age in Dhaka where students are using their skills in business and making a sole proprietorship on their own. Making food, the solution to educational and career problems, digital and technological skills, and many others are only examples of how students are starting such start-ups and making a smart income. Like other businesses, where students can earn a decent amount of money by using their skills. A sole entrepreneur can earn more than 10,000 takas per month and the upper limit depends on their capability and business type.

6. Customer Service

Many online and offline businesses, whether new or old, need customer interaction and in that case, they need students for customer service as a part-time job.

customer service

Students love this job because it’s easy to do, and from home, no prior knowledge or specialized skill is needed except for interacting with customers. Mainly in this part-time job, the payment is usually on an hourly basis and varies from company to company. In the case of a full-time job, the payment rate is usually higher. As a part-time job in customer service, students receive 50-100 taka per hour for their service and may be appointed for 6/12 hours for such service. Special communication skills, customer interaction, and negotiations can increase the student’s income even further in this case.

7. Reseller & Whole Seller

A different type of part-time job for students is reselling and wholesaling which can be considered both a business and a part-time job. There are many types of industry brands that need resellers and wholesalers to distribute their products to customers and the distribution channel plays a crucial role in that. Students can earn a huge quantity of income from such occupations whether part-time or full-time job.

Many industries such as accessories, garments, import & export farms, leather products, cosmetics and many other sectors appoint resellers who are mostly students. With a little effort, a student can earn more than 20,000 taka per month on average by reselling and wholesaling.

8. Freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest way to earn money for students. A student can start earning money by freelancing in just a few hours.

It is also a great way for students to earn money and gain some experience in their field. They can choose from a wide range of freelance jobs, from writing articles to designing logos.

Students are increasingly turning to freelance as a source of income. Freelancers have the ability to work when they want, for as long as they want. This flexibility makes it an attractive option for many students who are looking for ways to earn money and gain experience in their field of choice.

The following are some of the things that you should consider before you start freelancing:

– What type of freelance jobs interest you?

– What skills do you have?

– What kind of hours do you want to work?

– Do you need any additional training or certifications?

So it can be a great way to earn money online. If are a student, you can start today. It can help you to earn money as well as earn skills in particular sectors. Students on average earn about 2 lakhs per month by full-time freelancing and can earn more than 50,000 taka per month by part-time work.


9. Assignment & Research Writing

Writing UK-based assignments and doing commercial and educational research projects is a smart part-time job for business and specialized students. Good English writing and research skills as well as basic knowledge must skill to do so. The payment is calculated as 0.60-1.00 taka per word and expert writers can earn 20,000- 30,000 taka per month easily. There are many academic, government and business researchers all over the world that need field workers and secondary researchers, data collectors and writers where students can find themselves fit for the job.

part-time work

There are also assignments from many foreign and local universities where students can give service and earn by that on a word basis or project basis. There are many agents and agencies by which students can get the job and by completing the tasks, they get project-based or weekly and monthly payments for their work. Students need good smartphones or laptops or desktops, basic google searching skills, MS Office skills and some time management skills.

10. Brand & Company Agent

Many banks, new brands, network and sim companies, online businesses, medical corporations, and NGOs appoint students to become their agents and help them promote and sell their branded products. Many students find a good income source in such a method and keep working as a part-time occupation. In this way, students make daily, weekly even monthly income based on sales and service hours. Estimated income from these works is almost 10,000 to 20,000tk per month depending on work hours and brand. This might be an easy option for students with less specialized skills and no prior experience.

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