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The education system officially became popular as a proven and effective learning and skill development process. In every country of the world, education as a human learning and living system has been used for raising the highest human potential. In the past, it was just a 1-to-1 process where a single teacher educated a single student. Then ‘one to many’ methods came with the necessity of more education. In the modern age, many-to-one and many-to-many processes became popular for mass education through technology and structural systems. Education now has many purposes rather than just knowing and developing as a human being. Thus it is a broader concept that we need to understand to get the highest benefit from the educational system available in our surroundings. Some countries have the best education system whereas others have so poor that the whole country’s culture and values are being affected by the system.

A Brief History and Importance of Education

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The main idea we get is that education is needed to make people educated, smart, and knowledgeable and become human beings. To have the right attitude, thinking ability, and wisdom, become more than a physical being and develop personally. This is the main aim of primary education, to make people sensible and ethical, to give them general rules and knowledge of life and living.
Higher education contains a lot of purpose on the other hand. In the past, higher education was needed to research scientifically, and develop a country on its economy, resources, war technology and strength. To gain new knowledge, inventing and discovering were also part of the system. Then education was only available to generous people, rich and purpose-driven governments and kings.
Then literature and arts-related education started to take place unofficially for the recreation of the mind and knowledge practice. The main source of education was family or specialised master’s.

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With the mass expansion and development of war and the economy of the world, education expanded further. It started to give certain skills and specialized knowledge when the industrial revolution took place. The education system came into an organisational structure and process to deliver the learning and examination system and finally certified people with passing marks. These became the basis of my career, status and basics of higher research and study. With technological development and revolution, the educational process became more open wide and modern where anyone can learn anything now. Information is available for almost free and higher study became more available. Now business, technology, independent professions, career or skill-based, online and internet-related, politics, astrology, quantum and nuclear science, and so on huge educational systems are officially available for all. At this age, people go for certain education which is needed for their specific aim and purpose and get certified on that skill or knowledge.

Trending Educational Events and Conditions

Education for learning and research

Now a specialised education is dedicated to all the sectors available whichever people want or are qualified for. There is still such an educational purpose to just learn, research further to discover and invent new things in the universe. Most of them are related to astrology, science, philosophy, math, conceptual theories and many higher studies based on subject and topic. This works as a research lab, incubator, library and academic papers. Many Universities like Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, MIT and many others focus on higher knowledge and research study.

Education for Business

Now many business-related educational programmes run all over the world which create and operate the business and economic side of every country. It mainly focuses on entrepreneurship, industrialization, commerce, product and service, incubators and business organizations. Harvard University is the best for such purposes and many other governments and non-government educational institutions. Business incubators and technology are used for such studies along with books and sophisticated methods.

Education for Self Employment

Such educational programmes are popular and create certain occupations like a doctor, engineers, lawyers, consultants, etc. There are many organisations all over the world for such purposes as people who want to get higher education with certification and make a living from it.

Education for Jobs

Certain science, arts and business studies subjects are available in all universities, which creates corporate and government job opportunities, skills and manpower. Such educational universities collaborate with commercial and government companies for getting sponsorship and the highest benefits. Most of the people who want a smart and safe living come to this sector, take higher education and go for the job as a career choice.

Education for Literature

Writers, novelists, wise and influencers took this way of higher education to make stories, take recreational education furthermore and enjoy a life of wisdom and knowledge. There are a lot of subjects and specialized areas of study available for them in this type of educational system. They also make a living by writing, consulting, exploring and giving knowledge to people and society.

Education for technology

With the rapid growth of technology, tech-related. education is becoming more and more popular every day. From digital marketing, content making, and graphic design to programming and cyber security skills, all are included in this category. The objective of such education is to develop the technology further and create job opportunities, business opportunities and freelancing for people as a smart career choice. Many high-tech organisations give specialised education and career chance in this education sector.

Education from training and another area of life

Only academic or official education does not always makes the proper effect and is not always effective. For that, we need various training and experience in life from different events, masters, organisations and situations which works as a very important form of education. This type of education is rather voluntary than compulsory but it must need to gain a very effective form of learnings from various paths. Here continuous habits and daily tasks, solving problems, learning from the past and others, accepting mistakes and many other activities work very well with human nature and the ability to learn which is absent in the normal educational system. This kind of system is rather personalised than general for all which brings efficiency to the person who wants to develop a particular skill.

There are many forms of education for which many government and non-government organisations were built and trying to educate people for obvious and diversified reasons.

Compulsory Sectors & Levels of the Education System

There are some major sectors in which every nation has made primary education compulsory for its importance. They teach basic literary, generational knowledge, social and personal communication, ethics, science, history, religions, language and what is needed to survive in society. As a human beings, everyone has to know these essential things to lead life to the general level.

Then when they get higher education in this system, they dive deeper into a specific sector and subjects to explore further their interest. At this intermediate level, they explore and try to know their purpose and work on their curiosity.

Levels of education. What do they mean?

At the advanced level, the education system connects the career of the person and enriches them with systematic specific skills, knowledge and information. But it does not give the guidance of career, just the information and knowledge which must be used, how it should be used can not be found in the maximum educational system. They are rather outside or co-curricular activities but they should have a very important part of the system. Furthermore, higher study helps to research and gain knowledge at the extreme level of a particular topic or subject.

The Untouched Parts of the Education

Many things are absent in formal education but were more critical in this modern age which remained untouched.

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  • One of them is how to make money or financial literacy. Mostly higher education is based on a career, which main aim is to earn a livelihood. But how to do it, the effective processes and practices according to the modern ever-changeable world are absent from the formal system.
  • Another important one is psychological well-being. Most of the time the system taught us about physical well-being but ignored half of the total and the most important part, our mind and psychology. From primarily to the advanced level, its necessity is undeniable lack of which now the world is suffering from various psychological diseases and trauma.
  • The modern educational system also lacks the applicable side of knowledge and skills, which can not give us experience, but rather cloud our brains with information. It’s still based on memorization where information can be found in technology and the internet. What they can not be found is how to use them efficiently, that’s what the educational system of most countries does not teach us.
  • Also, the educational system ignores many learning scopes and opportunities like travelling, gaming, socializing, interacting with people, proper Teacher-Student collaboration and the challenges of tough and negative situations.
  • The educational system also punishes failure and mistakes, rewards the highest achiever than the best rate of progress, ignores the importance of a disciplined lifestyle and habit-making and focuses on task completion more than other important things. These all are the untouched area of formal education.

Where the Untouched Areas of Education Can Be Found

Besides formal education, there are a lot of clubs, communities, groups, social media and NGOs where these untouched areas of education are practised, trained and taught. Moreover,

  • The best place for all education is one’s, own family. Family teaches almost everything in every aspect of life.
  • Then society and people influence and teach many social and cultural things.
  • The third biggest source of such education is self-education. By observation, experience, action, reading and following an idle, one can learn such things which can not be found in formal education.
  • Furthermore, now technology has made self-education easier than ever. People can consume and share various educational topics and digital content for free. The learning resources and tools are available for those who seek them.
  • Different events, nature, problems and others’ past experiences can also teach us in many ways.

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So, here you can find all kinds of education-related information and article which can help you to find your path and destiny. These can show you the way you should learn, methods, tricks and tips, sources, best platforms and skill-based experience and learning scope in the locality and all over the world. Also, you can find out how your learnings, education and skill capacity can help you personally and professionally in your career, workplace, family, society and other places. Systematic and structural education and skill training can lead you to your dream career choice and a lot of options for living.

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