Boost Productivity By 10 Essential Apps For Students

There are many essential apps for students available in Google Play Store to use and make their study life easy. Technology has evolved gradually in the 21st century all over the world. Following the progress of the need for digitalization and globalization, the impact of technology has touched the ground of education. Nowadays, students have smartphones where many apps and mobile versions of the software are helping them a lot in learning and education. Here you can know about such 10 essential apps which took the student’s digitalization to the next level.

1. Pocket

Essential apps for students

One of the 10 essential apps for students is pocket. It is like the real pocket attached with our clothes which is very important for our daily life to keep important things. Pocket app is a similar idea that can keep your digital content or article as a bookmark which you can read later. For students who read online content and get some important articles but cannot get the time immediately to read, can use pockets to save those articles for later use. It has tons of useful features which made it so sustainable and accessible for students.

2. Quizlet


Flashcards are popular for students to revise or memorize specific words, definitions or terms. Here Quizlet gives a great hand in this regard, one of the technical essential apps for students. Anyone can create a traditional flashcard with a variety of graphical and helpful options. It is the digital product to remove the pen and paper culture and digitalize the study method which can amplify the productivity of students. There are similar apps available in the play store including Feyn and AnkiDroid Flashcards.

3. Photomath


Math is an essential subject in student life where many of the students are weak at. Here Photomath, a dedicated math learning app can come in handy. With the help of this app, anyone can take the picture of math and can see the equations being solved right before their eyes. It also shows the steps and explains how the answer has come. There are other similar apps like Hathaway or Symbolab. These are also essential apps for students related to mathematics.

4. Forest


Attention and focus are crucial for students to learn fast. Especially in academic study, many students find it a hard time to focus or lose the flow of study. Here Forest app comes with time management and other function to help students. It uses Pomodoro Technique and other time management options to boost the effective learning experience of students. There are other apps also available which are Hatch, Flora, Emphasis, Flip – Focus Timer for Study, Flipd Focus & Study Timer, Study Bunny: Focus Timer are worth trying as essential apps for students.

5. Simple Mind


To enhance the creativity of students, mind mapping is a very special option and also very important. Simple mind app is one of the essential apps to help in that case. This helps students to apply this practical technique. The app also helps to organize ideas better by giving a structured outline to the thoughts with easy patterns. Connecting various thoughts, dedicating goals, drawing plans and strategies, using creativity, everything is easy and possible with this app. There are other similar apps that can do the same with a variety of features like Mindly, Mindomo or Mindmeister. These are creative essential apps for students.



IFTTT which is If This Then That, helps an individual to keep their to-do and daily tasks on track. This does almost everything related to study or daily works without any error. It also aids in multi-tasking and performing tasks collaborating with other apps if permission is given. It’s a great app to boost the day to the day productivity level of students, all that right at their fingertips. There are many more apps similar to this is available in the online store for free where premium apps give more advantages and features which made the conceptual app noticeable as one of the essential apps for students.

7. Lookup


We encounter unknown words almost every day in web articles, research papers or content books. Searching the meaning and use of the word from a dictionary or website can be disturbing and a hindrance to smooth reading or keeping attention. Here Lookup targets and solves the problem effectively. It has the ability to pop up the meaning and solution of any particular word you chose so that you can read the article with full attention which made it one of the important essential apps for students.

8. Grammarly


This is a great app that mainly accurately resolve grammar and spelling problem in a sentence. Students and teachers vastly use the app for research papers, article writing, assignment and many other aspects. The Premium version of the app can show more options related to the grammar and beauty of any sentence or paragraph and suggest a better one. This app can collaborate with browser, keyboard, website, other apps and in many aspects with its useful features.

9. Duolingo


It is an essential language learning app which students use all over the world. This free learning app gives the opportunity to learn different languages step by step whenever a student gets free time. This also ranks no 1 as the most used app in the education category in Google Play Store. So if any students are interested in any particular language, he or she can learn from it easily.

10. Google Classroom

Google Classroom

An interactive app between teachers and students is presented by Google. The classroom has vast options for teachers to take classes online, take exams, give updates and process assignments and other information. Most college and university students and teachers use this app to contact, exchange information and take assignments online like a classroom.

There are many other free and premium apps available in the google store, apple store and in computer software which is making education and student life more easy, productive, competitive and entertaining. This digitalization in the education sector with highly technological advancement has possible where many essential apps for students are available.

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